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We help ambitious entrepreneurs create self-sufficient businesses that can thrive without their constant presence.




Missing another one of your kid's hockey games?

If you're like most founders, you likely started your business journey with the dream of having the FREEDOM to be present for life's precious moments. However, the reality might look different:

  • You're working more hours than you ever have
  • You don't know what it's like to feel "caught up"
  • You don't remember the last time you had FUN!

Our programs are tailored to ensure you're there for those crucial moments - whether it's your child's hockey game or your best friend's wedding. We're committed to helping you find that FREEDOM, enabling you to run a successful business while enjoying life's unforgettable experiences.

The Owner's Metric

While you can’t buy happiness, you can buy personal freedom. It comes from building enough wealth that work becomes a choice.  What’s the fastest way to attain the feeling of true freedom?

Focus on the one number you need to be truly free – the ultimate Owner’s Metric.

Our Services

Value Building

Whether you're planning to exit your business in 3 or 23 years, our value-building services will help you create a sellable company, one that's worth something. We'll start with an assessment so you know what to work on when it's time to work ON your business!

Family Business Transition

Transitioning a business to the next generation is more than tossing the keys to them and wishing them luck. Our family business succession program focuses on the readiness of all generations from a leadership and people perspective. Our programs ensure a successful transition!

Leadership Development

Be a Better Boss of yourself, your team, and your organization with our programs, including Executive Coaching, Team Building Workshops, Online Learning, and Certificate Courses. Our EMPOWER™ Model provides clear, practical advice to free up your time to do what you do best.

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Our Process


Embark on a journey to unveil the true potential of your business. Our comprehensive assessments give you a clear understanding of your current business landscape. We identify strengths, weaknesses, and growth opportunities, laying the groundwork for your future success.


Craft a compelling vision for your business's future. We help you set goals that embody your desired outcomes, providing your business with a purpose and direction. By knowing your endgame, you're better equipped to excel in today's game!


Equip your business with a customized playbook for success. Together, we'll develop strategies, actions, and milestones that pave the way toward your goals. Our clear execution plans, coupled with regular check-ins, ensure you're on track for success.

Looking to increase the value of your business?

Get your Value Builder Score to see what your company is worth and identify areas that will increase its value. 

Meet Our Founder

LISSA DAUB - Founder

Certified in Human Resources (CPHR), Exit Planning (CEPA), and Value Building, Lissa is your go-to guide for developing a business that's primed for success.

With a family background in entrepreneurship and the acquisition of her first business at 22, Lissa brings invaluable hands-on experience to the table. Her corporate expertise spans purchasing, production planning, quality control, and human resources, offering comprehensive knowledge to help you build a thriving business.

Lissa's expertise also extends to CliftonStrengths, a program geared towards identifying and maximizing strengths. Her top 5 strengths—Adaptability, Maximizer, Ideation, Activator, and Input—drive her focus on practical strategies.

Why Choose Us?

At The Strong Impact Academy, we are committed to helping driven small to medium business owners build sellable companies, whether they're selling in 3 years or 23 years. We achieve this by encouraging our clients and team to 'Lean In' to their strengths, 'Be Curious' in their pursuit of knowledge and innovation, and continuously 'Do Better' in all aspects of their business. Our unwavering dedication to this mission ensures that we stand by our clients, sharing their passion for business growth and success.

Our focus at The Strong Impact Academy is to help entrepreneurs build sellable businesses regardless of when they want to sell.“I’m not planning on selling

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