We Help Entrepreneurs Build Sellable Businesses

At The Strong Impact Academy, our mission is clear: we help entrepreneurs craft valuable, sellable businesses while reducing owner dependence. Our programs are designed to offer practical insights, tools, and unwavering support. Picture a business that not only thrives independently but allows you, the owner, to take vacations without being tied to your phone. We understand the importance of ownership with freedom, and our tailored guidance is your pathway to achieving it. Take the first step toward a sellable, self-sufficient business with our expert programs and dedicated support.


Strong Business Playbook

The Strong Business Playbook is your compass to SUCCESS! Comprised of 13 educational and actionable modules tailored directly to your business journey. 

At The Strong Impact Academy, we understand that true success goes beyond financial gains; it's about building a business that operates seamlessly, allowing you the freedom to lead without being tethered to daily operations. 

DIY membership

Take control of your business growth at your pace with our DIY Membership. Access exclusive guides, video tutorials, and tools designed for hands-on entrepreneurs. Join today for flexibility and independent learning.


Accelerate your path to business freedom in our group program, the FREEDOM Accelerator. Join a community of like-minded entrepreneurs for expert-led sessions, collaborative discussions, and lots of bonuses. 


Elevate your business with our 1:1 Consulting. Work closely with our founder to tailor the Strong Business Playbook to your needs. Get personalized strategies and ongoing support to create the business of your dreams.

Other Services

The Value Builder Assessment

Begin your journey to understand the true value of your business with our confidential Value Builder Assessment. After completing the comprehensive Value Builder Questionnaire, you'll receive a personalized one-on-one session to interpret your score, discuss key drivers of value, and identify quick wins for improvement. 

Family Business Transition Plan

There are keys to a successful handoff when it comes to transitioning your business to the next generation. Merging family and organizational needs can be challenging. This program helps set everyone up for success.

Leadership Development

Elevate your leadership potential with our dynamic suite of Leadership Development Services. Whether you're a seasoned executive seeking personalized growth through Executive Coaching, a first-time leader navigating the challenges of leadership, or a team aspiring for collective excellence through Group Training, we've got you covered.